Samsung will reveal the next Galaxy Note on August 5

Tech Crunch | Brian Heater

Samsung’s next big Unpacked event is scheduled for August 5. As is the trend these days, the unveiling will be online-only, following in the footsteps of big virtual events from the likes of Microsoft and Apple. It’s Samsung’s first crack at the format. The company just made it under the pre-COVID-19 shutdown wire back in […]

Facebook boycott leaders ‘disappointed’ after meeting with Zuckerberg, Sandberg

Tech Crunch | Taylor Hatmaker

What began as a relatively small effort by activist organizations to hold Facebook accountable for perceived policy failings has snowballed into a mass corporate backlash—and a rare moment of discomfort for a company that enjoys its status as one of tech’s untouchable giants. As the #StopHateforProfit campaign continues to attract surprisingly mainstream corporations to its […]

Adobe tests an AI recommendation tool for headlines and images

Tech Crunch | Anthony Ha

Team members at Adobe have built a new way to use artificial intelligence to automatically personalize a blog for different visitors. This tool was built as part of the Adobe Sneaks program, where employees can create demos to show off new ideas, which are then showcased (virtually, this year) at the Adobe Summit. While the […]

Air Force tech stops drones from being shot down

Fox News | Kris Osborn

Senior Air Force commanders are employing new tactics, technologies and protocols to better safeguard drones from being shot down by enemy fire during missions.

Uber grocery delivery launches in Latin America and Canada, US to follow later this month

Tech Crunch | Brian Heater

A day after acquiring Postmates for $2.65 billion, Uber has officially launched grocery delivery in select Latin American and Canadian cities. The initiative is the product of the also recently announced acquisition of Cornershop (still pending regulatory approval), back in late-2019. The Santiago, Chile-based startup brought grocery delivery to the Latin American market, before moving […]

Viral pictures show two dogs with their mouths flapping because of a strong wind gust

Fox News | Chris Ciaccia

Owners of a pair of cocker spaniels took amusing photos of their dogs during a wind gust that caused their faces to become contorted, British news agency SWNS reports.

Civil rights groups denounce Facebook over hate speech

ABC News

Facebook keeps telling critics that it is doing everything it can to rid its service of hate, abuse and misinformation

US nuclear lab investigates breach at plutonium facility

ABC News

Officials at one of the nation's premier nuclear labs are investigating the potential exposure of employees to plutonium

Elon Musk taunts Tesla critics as stock soars to new highs

ArsTechnica | Timothy B. Lee

Tesla, valued at $250 billion, is the world's most valuable automaker.

Regulatory roadblocks are holding back Colombia’s tech and transportation industries

Tech Crunch | Walter Thompson

One thing is for sure, the path to prosperity would look a lot better if Colombia further embraced innovation.

Big Tech's Stand on Hong Kong Law Reveals Wider Fears at Foreign Firms


The stand taken by several American tech giants against China’s national-security law in Hong Kong reveals concerns many foreign companies in the city are discussing internally but dare not discuss publicly.

Aggressive seaweed smothers one of world's most remote reefs

ABC News

Researchers say a newly discovered species of seaweed is killing large areas of historically pristine coral reef in one of the most protected ocean environments on earth

NY-based autonomous reusable rocket startup lands Air Force contract

Tech Crunch | Darrell Etherington

New York-based startup iRocket has landed a contract award from the U.S. Air Force to develop and build its fully autonomous small payload rockets, which the company says will be able to launch and propulsively land both its first and second stages, with the potential of launching small payloads on demand in as little as […]

Extra Crunch support expands into Argentina, Brazil and Mexico

Tech Crunch | Travis Bernard

We’re excited to announce that Extra Crunch is now available to readers in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. That adds to our existing support in the U.S., Canada, UK, and select European countries. You can sign for Extra Crunch here. Latin America has always caught the eye of big tech. For companies like Facebook, Amazon, and […]

Motorola announces €349 5G phone for Europe, promises a sub-$500 model for US this year

Tech Crunch | Brian Heater

Last year Qualcomm announced the Snapdragon 765, promising to usher in an era of low-cost 5G devices. Motorola, naturally, was more than happy to take advantage of the technology. While the company has been flirting with premium devices (with mixed results), budget devices will almost certainly be the company’s bread and butter for the foreseeable […]

Nearly 70,000 Tech Startup Employees Have Lost Their Jobs Since March


Technology startups have been laying off tens of thousands of workers to cope with the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic, potentially blunting a key innovation pipeline for the enterprise information-technology market, according to industry analysts.

Koyeb is a serverless startup that ingests, processes and stores data with multiple cloud providers

Tech Crunch | Romain Dillet

Meet Koyeb, a new French startup founded by Yann Léger, Édouard Bonlieu and Bastien Chatelard who have previously worked at Scaleway for many years. Koyeb is a serverless startup that helps you manipulate data in different ways without worrying about your server infrastructure. Competition has become incredibly fierce between cloud service providers, and Koyeb wants […]

Amazon Prime Video finally launches user profiles to all customers worldwide

Tech Crunch | Sarah Perez

Amazon’s Prime Video is finally adding a feature that’s long since become a standard for streaming video services: user profiles. With profiles, Prime Video users will have access to their own Watchlist, personalized recommendations, and they’ll be able to track their own viewing progress, similar to rival services, like Netflix. Customers can create up to […]