Volcanic ash cloud halts flights to and from Spanish island

Phys Org

A massive cloud of ash prevented flights in and out of the Spanish island of La Palma on Sunday as molten rock continued to be flung high into the air from an erupting volcano.

California fights fire with fire to protect giant sequoias

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The so-far successful battle this month in California to save the world's biggest trees from ever-worsening forest blazes seems to offer an important lesson: You can fight fire with fire.

Michigan school, mental health professionals have to manage students' COVID-19 anxieties

Detroit Free Press | Lily Altavena, Detroit Free Press

There are a lot of aspects of this school year that feel different for students. Experts say acknowledging the anxiety is key in helping kids.

The Complex Truth About ‘Junk DNA’

Wired | Jake Buehler

Genomes hold immense quantities of noncoding DNA. Some of it is essential for life, some seems useless, and some has its own agenda.